Joshua Leung

Producer / Songwriter / Arranger


カリフォルニア州立大学 音楽学部修士卒



KAT-TUN、MCND、ジャニーズWEST、ゴスペラーズ、Jolin Tsai、Show Luo、A-Mei、Stefanie Sun、NINE PERCENT、Momo Wu、Fish Leong、Eric Chou等のアーティストへの楽曲提供の実績あり。


Born in Los Angeles and lived in the US, Hong Kong, Japan, and Taiwan, Joshua is a music producer / songwriter who is quadrilingual in English, Mandarin, Japanese, and Cantonese.

His music is a reflection of his multi-cultural sensibility, diverse sonic interest, and emotional storytelling.

Graduated with a Master of Music degree from California State University, Los Angeles, Joshua started as an intern in studios in LA and worked his way up to become a producer who works with various major labels in Asia.

Joshua has written and produced for Kpop, Jpop, and Cpop artists including KAT-TUN, MCND, Johnny’s WEST, Gospellers, Jolin Tsai, Show Luo, A-Mei, Stefanie Sun, NINE PERCENT, Momo Wu, Fish Leong, Eric Chou, and many more.

He has worked as vocal producer for Jolin Tsai’s international collaborations with Hardwell and Alesso as well as music director for Jolin Tsai and Jeannie Hsieh.

A prolific writer who collaborates with writers all over the globe, Joshua continues to bring his multi-cultural roots and vision to sculpting new sonic identities for artists in Asia.