Producer / Songwriter / Composer / Arranger





そして2018年に手がけたBTSの楽曲”Don’t leave me” ”Let go”がiTunesのワールドチャート1、2位を獲得。

2019年にはBTS”Lights”でミリオン達成、”Stay Gold”で84カ国、そして”Your eyes tell”では101カ国のiTunesで1位、ビルボード・ジャパンのHOT100で8位を獲得。


三浦大知、BTS、AI、ATSUSHI(EXILE)、久保田利伸、SHOKICHI(EXILE)、RIRI、JUJU、山下智久、SKY-HI、Crystal Kay、嵐 ・・・などその他多数。

His music career started as a member in a band during school days. Ryosuke Imai founded UTA with L&J as one of the finalists in a MTV audition [STAR TOUR] presented by FIRSTKLAS. In 2005 he became a member of TinyVoice,Production.

His calculated fully packed tracks impacts not only the R&B scene but extends alternation to a new generation of the Japanese music scene.

in 2008 he was known for track producing, collaberation from double & Amuro Namie's [Black Diamond] , AI & ATSUSHI(EXILE) [So Special] . In a short rapid time, his tracks built high reputation in the music industry. Job offers from Super major artist like EXILE, KODA KUMI, AI, SHIMIZU SHOTA, AOYAMA THELMA never stops. On the other side of his career, he produces for artists that are based in the club scene. Offering them his unique tracks that are highly evaluated. He thought that he was one of the next generation of trackmakers but has now become the trackmaker/Producer of mainstream music in Japan. In 2009, he is planning to produce by collaberating with DJ KOMORI, and plans for a production unit with HIRO (Full of Harmony) further more expanding his music career.